Introducing our royalty schedule

In the evolving world of investments, music royalties stand out as a uniquely appealing opportunity. As an alternative asset class with low barriers to entry, and passive income potential, it’s becoming increasingly popular among both institutional and individual investors. At MasterExchange, we understand the potential that lies in music investments, and we're dedicated to enabling investors to tap into this growing market. Our platform allows you invest in music and earn royalties when the songs are streamed.

Understanding royalty payouts

One of the key aspects of investing in music royalties is understanding when and how these payouts occur. We're happy to announce that our comprehensive royalty schedule is now accessible, offering you a transparent view of your upcoming royalty earnings. This schedule details the payout timelines for each song, ensuring you're well-informed about your investment returns.

Accessing the royalty schedule

Our royalty schedule can be easily accessed through this link: MasterExchange royalty schedule to keep you up to date with the latest information.

Quarterly royalty payouts

Our platform processes master royalties from streaming services (e.g. Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music), movies, TV shows and other sources. Royalties are generally paid out quarterly or twice per year.

Why invest in music royalties

Investing in music royalties has its benefits. It’s a way of diversifying your investment portfolio with an asset class that is uncorrelated with traditional markets. By investing in music royalties, you tap into a market projected to grow by 12% annually and double in value by 2030[1].


At MasterExchange, we're committed to providing a platform where investing in music is accessible for all. With our new royalty schedule, we aim to provide our users with more tools and information to make informed decisions.

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