The team behind MasterExchange founded the company based on the conviction that there is a natural place to be filled in the music industry, connecting music fans and the creators of music.

MasterExhange is a marketplace where it is possible to invest in song royalties in an easy to understand, safe and compliant way. For the music creators MasterExchange offers a channel to establish a deeper connection with their audience at the same time as they are offered a new way to create alternative revenue streams.

We want to be responsibly disruptive and create added value for all current actors in the music industry. We also take compliance and transparency very seriously and are committed to protecting the interests of both the creators and the investors.

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden and we are a team with a diverse set of relevant skills and backgrounds who have taken on this mission. The founders are Billboard #1 producers, tech aficionados with the CEO being a former AI and Blockchain director at UC Berkeley, as well as almost a century of combined company building experience.

Meet the team