MasterExchange Delivers Exceptional ROI in Initial Royalty Payout

MasterExchange, the innovative Swedish platform for trading Music Master Royalties, is excited to announce that the royalty statements for the first half of 2023 have begun to roll in for songs listed on the exchange. Remarkable returns on investment have been observed for shareholders of Lauren

Spencer Smith's hit song “Fingers Crossed”. The Master Royalties, initially sold by songwriter and producer Jakke Erixson, have delivered an impressive, approximate 47% annual return during the initial payout period.

Alexander Fred-Ojala, the CEO of MasterExchange, explains; “The performance of Fingers Crossed has dramatically exceeded our expectations. We knew there was a good first royalty payment coming up, but when we received the actual statements our expectations were exceeded by nearly 100%”.

Jakke Erixson comments: “I am happy that Lauren’s “Fingers Crossed” that continues to stream so well and I’m excited for the investors on MasterExchange who believed in the song. Also, for the record, I still own a good part of the rights to the royalties as I kept a significant ownership stake through MasterExchange.”

The remaining royalties being paid out on MasterExchange are together in line with expectations. “This marks an important milestone for us” Alexander Fred-Ojala continues. “For investors who own shares in all the five songs will have seen an average annual return of approximately 16%.”

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